Islamic Prayer Times in Benin

Welcome to Benin Prayer Times on! Are you residing in this beautiful country? Or perhaps just visiting for work and pleasure? In any case, a Muslim in Benin naturally wants to know about its prayer timings. The minority Muslim community in Benin is a vibrant, diverse, and significant part of the country. As of 2024, the Muslim population in Benin is estimated to be 24.6%. We are dedicated to providing updated information on the prayer times of Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. Bookmark our Prayer timing schedule for your ease.

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Benin Cities with Muslim Population 

While Muslims might not be in the majority in Benin, there are several cities with a significant Muslim presence. Many of these cities are in the northern part of the country. Some of the Beninese cities with a large Muslim population include:

  • Parakou: This is one of the largest Beninese cities and is located in the middle area of this country. It has quite a diverse population, with the Muslim community having a prominent presence. The most predominant places of worship are mosques.
  • Natitingou:  Also called Nati, this city is located northwest of the country and is known for its noteworthy Muslim population. It’s also part of the ethnically and religiously diverse Atakora Department. 
  • Tanguiéta: This town is also located within the Atakora Department. It has a substantial and influential Muslim community. 
  • Nikki: This city is located in Benin's northern area and is known for having a diverse population. A significant part of this population is Muslim. 
  • Malanville: This city is in northeastern Benin and is a rice and cross-border trade center. It contains a diverse population, with Muslims making up one of the largest communities. The different religious and ethnic groups live peacefully despite their differences, sharing cuisines and social responsibilities.

Islamic Community Services and Organizations in Benin

In Benin, there are no legal restrictions on Muslims maintaining NGOs or other organizations. Some of the Islamic NGO names include:

  • Benin Islamic Union
  • Union of Muslim Women of Benin
  • Conference of Islamic Associations of Benin
  • Islamic Community for Development and Solidarity
  • Benin Society for Islamic Dawah and Expansion
  • Union of Islamic Associations

These and several other societies are active in welfare activities and development in Benin. They are also working to better the education and health sectors. Even with the large Muslim presence in Benin, someone unfamiliar with the area might not be aware of its prayer timings or prayer areas. With the MuslimandQuran app, you’re assured of praying at the right time. Explore Benin freely and stay connected to your faith!