Muslim and Quran brings the ultimate Islamic widgets for your website! Gone are the days of manually creating and coding each widget from scratch to suit your website. With Muslim and Quran, incorporate customizable widgets with a functional and simple user interface to your website seamlessly. Share educational and informational Islamic content with your website’s visitors, and keep them coming back with our functional designs. Provide your visitors with Islamic information and drive traffic to your website with with our accessible and visually pleasing widgets. Whether you’re looking to display the 99 names of Allah, accurate and auto-updated daily prayer timings, or functional calendar converters, you will find a suitable option on our website. Explore a variety of user-friendly widgets that will embellish your website with useful Islamic content. 

Do you wish to add useful Islamic information to your website? Use widgets by Muslim and Quran to add dynamic Islamic content to your website. You do not need to hire a web developer to code and design different Islamic widgets for your Islamic website. Simply copy the code of the widget you want to add and paste it into your website’s code. It is absolutely FREE! What is more, the widgets are customizable; you can adjust the colors of the widget to suit your website. Among the best qualities of our widgets is a range of different types, each uniquely designed to serve its purpose with accuracy. Select any of the following widgets for your website and help your users receive relevant Islamic information promptly:

Prayer widgets:

Three types of prayer times widgets are available for use. Select any of the three alternatives. Each Prayer widget displays the specific timings according to the location selected. With City or Country widgets, you can give the users the convenience of choosing the location if you have international website traffic.

Islamic Calendar and Date Converters Widgets:

Calendar widgets are useful for displaying compact calendars. You can choose to display a Gregorian calendar with corresponding Hijri dates and vice versa. You can also incorporate a Gregorian to Hijri calendar converter to give your website visitors a useful tool.

Islamic Information Widgets:

You can now display compact, beneficial, and spiritual Islamic knowledge with customized designs through our widgets. These widgets are unique to Muslim and the Quran and give your website visitors special Islamic information. Examples of these widgets are:

How to Add a Widget on Your Website by Muslim and Quran

You may still be wondering, “How do I even use this tool?”. Well, here is a comprehensive guide with step-by-step description of the purpose of each feature.

  1. Begin by selecting the widget of your choice from the main widgets page.
  2. Once you’ve landed on the particular page of your Islamic widget, e.g., Prayer’s widget, you will see:
    1. A real-time display of the widget showing implemented modifications
    2. 4 - 8 options to select the colors of each portion
    3. Overall size customizer, as well as font size selection
    4. Real-time auto-code that changes with each adjustment
  3. Experiment with the widget’s color palette or simply paste color codes from your website’s brand palette. Figure the size and other options for customization.
  4. Now, simply copy and paste the resulting code onto your website’s widget adder!

Our widgets are incredibly easy to use for all sorts of users but especially for beginners. Bypass the need for a specialized web developer to code a widget and save time with this smooth tool.

You must’ve noticed how many ways you can customize a widget, even with a pre-coded engine. You will have several options to tailor the colors of the header, subheader, table, or footer of the widget to match your website’s design. Tailor the appearance, size, and more to cohesively accessorize the widget’s display into a cohesive look for your site. Our tool ensures that functionality remains with the customized, pleasing design of any particular widget.

Our widgets are designed with universally seamless integration, so you can use them irrespective of the platform and language of your website. Whether you have a custom site or a WordPress theme, our widgets work well with all. This compatibility across all platforms ensures you can include Islamic content on your site without hassle. 

Functionality without compromising aesthetics has been our top priority in providing this solution. You can now enhance the experience of your website’s visitors with practical, instant results and benefits of these widgets. These widgets serve various functions to add value to your website’s Islamic framework by providing essential information in compact displays. 

The next goal in line was accessibility and ensuring the widgets tool could be utilized by non-specialists to professionals in the industry. This key characteristic makes our tool inclusive to all, regardless of their purpose or design, and beneficial to diverse website creators, from bloggers to professional sites. For everyone seeking to assimilate Islamic content and information, whether it be localized prayer times or spiritual segments, widgets instantly deliver results with the freedom to experiment with customized design.

Use Widgets by Muslim and Quran

Stay assured that our widgets are assisted with reliable team support and regular updates to ascertain continuous optimal performance and integration compatibility. With advancing web standards and continuous changes within the digital sphere, compatibility issues may become a worry but we are specially dedicated to eradicating this issue. Our support team is ready to assist you with any concerns or inquiries as you utilize our tool.

Our Islamic widgets at Muslim and Quran offers a comprehensive solution with seamless integration and uncompromised functionality for your website. A variety of widget types, easy code generation, inclusivity, and customization are offered with our tool. These Islamic widgets are a must-have for Islamic websites, especially for those seeking to benefit their Muslim visitors. Access now at Muslim and Quran a seamless auto-coding tool to simplify website building and designing. Let Muslim and Quran power the widgets on your website and let it perform its wonders!