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Exploring Islam's Holiest Sites

There are many places of Islamic historical and religious importance spread all over the world. But the holiest Islamic places are situated in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, situated in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Masjid Al-Haram is the holiest Islamic place, which is situated in Mecca. It houses the sacred place, Baitullah (House of Allah), also known as Ka'ba. This historic religious building was first built by the Prophet Ibraheem. Millions of Muslims from all over the world frequently travel to this most sacred place for the performance of Hajj and Umrah. It also happens to be one of the largest Mosques. More than 2.5 million Muslims perform Hajj each year at this place.

The second holiest Islamic site is situated in the holy city of Medina, known as Masjid-e-Nabvi (the mosque of the Prophet). It was first built by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Over the years, it has undergone a series of renovations and expansions. The site of the original Masjid-e-Nabvi is included in the present day's Masjid. Every visiting Muslim likes to offer Nafl Prayer at the site of the original Masjid-e-Nabvi. Together with Masjid Al-Haram, both these holiest Islamic Sites are referred to as "Harmain."

The third holiest place for Muslims is situated in Palestine, known as the Dome of the Rock or Masjid Al-Aqsa. The significance of this place is that in the early days of Islam, Muslims used to offer Prayers while facing toward this site. That's why it is also known as Qibla Awwal (the first Qibla). It also happens to be the site from where the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was ascended to the heavens on the historic Islamic event of Miraj an-Nabi.

Navigating Islamic Spaces with the Muslim and Quran App

The official website and mobile application of Muslim and Quran are the most reliable, authentic, and accurate platforms when it comes to Islamic information and knowledge. Our mobile application is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices. Apart from learning and reading the Quran and Hadith, our mobile application offers a wide range of knowledge-based information on various Islamic subjects, Islamic Places being one of them.

It's quite simple and easy to access our "Islamic Places" section. Just download the Muslim and Quran mobile app on your mobile device and you are there in a new world of Islamic knowledge and information. Backed by the state of art technologies, this app has a user-friendly interface, specifically designed to facilitate trouble-free usage.

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  • Here you will find different places such as Mosques, Schools, Halal Food, bookstores, and so on.
  • Select the desired topic, and you will find a comprehensive list of relevant places from all over the world. For example, if you want to explore Halal Food places near you, just tap the "Halal Foods' tab under the main page of Islamic Places.
  • By opening the Halal Foods tab, you will see the complete list of Halal Food Stores or Restaurants near your current location. Otherwise, you can also select any other desired location and get the same information near that place.
  • Select your preferred Halal Food place. You will get the exact location, with directions and an estimated time to reach there from your current location. 
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  • You can also Bookmark your preferred place for future use.

The Role of Islamic Places in Promoting Inclusivity & Cultural Heritage Preservation

Listing the Islamic Places on this application is not merely for the purpose of providing information and knowledge, though it is the basic idea behind it. Additionally, it is an effort on our part to promote the Islamic heritage and culture. The historic Islamic places such as famous mosques, all around the world, carry a rich Islamic Architectural heritage. Preserving these sites for future generations is equally important, so they must be familiar with the glorious history of Islam and Islamic sites.

Similarly, contemporary Islamic sites are also very important and need to be introduced to the world compellingly. Promoting them is equally important as they represent the gradual and consistent evolution of the Islamic Sites over the years. Together with the historical sites, these modern places depict the transition from the old cultural values to the present day's customs while preserving the basic Islamic theme.

Get the up-to-date information and knowledge on Islamic Places on our mobile app and play your role in preserving these historical cultural sites for the coming generations.