Halal Food

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About Halal Food

Islam is a complete religion that guides every aspect of life, and may that even be a minor issue. The concept of Halal Food is one of the most important subjects in Islam. Food is a vital component of human life. But Islam allows us to take only the permissible food items, which are called "Halal" in Islamic terminology. There might be several food sources, but Muslims are not allowed to eat them unless specifically rated as "Halal" in the Quran and Hadith. In the 173rd verse of Surah Al-Baqarah, the concept of Halal and Haram (permissible and prohibited) is mentioned.

Translation - Forbidden to you are carrion and blood, and the flesh of the swine, and that which has been consecrated (or killed) in the name of any other than God. If one is obliged by necessity to eat it without intending to transgress, or reverting to it, he is not guilty of sin; for God is forgiving and kind.

So, eating only Halal food is a compulsion for Muslims. While certain animals are straightaway declared as Haram, even the Halal animals are required to have been slaughtered in an Islamic way to be rated as Halal meat. That's why Muslims need to ensure that the meat they are eating comes from Halal animals and, even more importantly, they were slaughtered strictly in an Islamic way. 

Importance of Halal Food

Food is a necessity of life. Each living organism needs food for its survival. There are so many food items available, but for Muslims, Islam has clearly defined what they can eat and what they cannot. Hence, eating only Halal foods is an essential part of the faith and a religious obligation for Muslims. Halal food, especially meat, including seafood, is precisely bifurcated as Halal or Haram in Islamic teachings. The facility of Halal Food, specifically in non-Muslim Countries, becomes even more important, as it is a sensitive and religious issue for Muslims. Hence, Halal food is something that cannot be compromised upon under any circumstances.