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At Muslim and Quran, we are committed to bringing you the latest Islamic news from all over the world. We cover recent events, religious updates, social justice, and interfaith dialogue that takes place every second in the Muslim world.

By providing you with up-to-date Islamic News on the Muslim and Quran website and app, we aim to become a reliable platform for those looking to have access to all the Islamic news from the Muslim world. Muslim and Quran is dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest developments within the Islamic world, showcasing the positive contributions of Muslims to the world and creating a safe space to discuss and promote topics that matter in the fast-paced world of today.

If you wish to have timely and reliable Islamic news delivered to you that highlights the diverse aspects of Islam, fosters understanding, and promotes dialogue between interfaith communities, make sure to explore our webpage for Islamic news.

Types of News You Can Find on Muslim and Quran

Muslim and Quran brings you the latest news from around the Muslim world. Whether you want to stay abreast of the political climate in Islamic countries or want to learn about Muslims succeeding in their fields worldwide, you will find the news here. Let's take a look at the news categories you will find on Muslim and Quran:

Current Events

In the technology and globalization-driven world of today, the global geological scene is ever-changing. With the latest developments happening every second, Muslim and Quran ensure you have access to every occurrence that impacts Muslim countries and communities globally. From Syria to Russia, we cover a diverse range of events from politics, social issues, cultural events, and gatherings so you don't never have to miss out!

Religious Affairs

It can be challenging to find one resource to stay up-to-date on religious affairs. However, Muslim and Quran here are to take away your dilemma as you can now access every development on Islamic affairs through our news webpage. You can explore articles and features on every Islamic practice and development going on around the world. Access insights into the holy month of Ramadan – moonsighting by location, suhoor, iftar timings, and the Eid moon. Moreover, you can also get news on Hajj and Umrah with other Islamic holidays – their significance and dates by your location.

Social Justice

If you're interested in knowing about the geopolitical affairs of the world – you're likely to want to stay up on the latest developments on social justice worldwide. Through the Muslim and Quran Islamic News webpage, we highlight and analyze news that impacts Muslims and minority communities globally. We also ensure you have all the news regarding human rights violations, advocacy efforts, and community activism.

Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith dialogue has become an essential topic of discussion in the world of today and is absolutely crucial to achieving social justice and harmony in the globalized world. Through the Muslim and Quran Islamic News, we aim to foster dialogue that facilitates interfaith dialogue and promote understanding and dialogue through our content to facilitate interfaith conversation and harmony to achieve connections, mutual love, and respect between interfaith communities worldwide.

Features and Customization Options in Muslim and Quran

Muslim and Quran is dedicated to making your experience on our website and app convenient and easy. Here are some of the features and customization options to enhance your experience with M&Q:

Personalized News Feed:

Only see the news you wish to see! With Muslim and Quran, you can have access to personalized news food where the news on your feed is tailored to your interests and preferences – a rare feature you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

Multimedia Integration:

We provide a diverse range of multimedia content formats. Whether you wish to get your daily news through engaging videos, informational articles, or interactive graphics – we have it all on Muslim and Quran.

Language Options:

You never have to worry about language barriers as we at Muslim and Quran understand and respect diversity, which is why M&Q supports multiple languages so all our users, irrespective of their locations and languages they speak, have access to real-time news.

Community Engagement:

For a community to flourish, it must engage with one another and take part in healthy dialogues. At Muslim and Quran, we believe in the power of community engagement and, therefore, have included comment sections, forums, and social media integration. So, users can talk to one another and have a healthy dialogue about the global scene of the world.

Bookmarking and Saving:

You can also save and bookmark any articles and resources of your choice for the future in case you need to forward the resources or merely need to take a look at them later.

Notification Preferences:

You can customize and turn on your location settings, so you receive notification alerts about the latest updates on the topics you're interested in or closely following, breaking news alerts, or also get notified when your favorite channel or author uploads fresh content.

Download Muslim and Quran to Read Islamic News

To have real-time access to the happenings of the world or on specific topics related to the Islamic world you want to stay updated on – download the Muslim and Quran app on Google Play and App Store to read news on the go and turn on the notifications to stay updated at all times and never miss out on your favorite news ever again.

Muslim and Quran is committed to offering its users a platform for all the necessary Islamic information they could ever need. Along with bringing you the latest occurrences of Islamic news worldwide, Muslim and Quran is a platform that offers additional necessary resources and information about all things Islamic.

With Muslim and Quran, you don't only have access to authentic and reliable Islamic news but can also get credible prayer timings according to your location, read the Quran with translation and transliteration, get access to a wide variety of Hadith books, among other features such as a Zakat calculator, tasbih country, qibla finder, and more.

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