Spiritual Centers

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40 Spiritual Centers found

Crescent Islamic Center

9.13 mi

14913 Murdock St

Ahlul Bait & Islamic Tr Amer

13.07 mi

14930 Greymont Dr

Mclean Islamic Center

14.84 mi

8800 Jarrett Valley Dr

Islamic Center of Northern Virginia

15.76 mi

4420 Shirley Gate Rd

Islamic Society of Germantown

16.5 mi

19825 Blunt Rd

Institute Of Islamic-turkish Studies

16.71 mi

Not Found

Islamic Education Center

17.31 mi

7917 Montrose Rd

Islamic Heritage Center

17.32 mi

8900 Lee Hwy

McLean Islamic Center

18.24 mi

1340 Old Chain Bridge Rd

Islamic Community Center Of Manassas

19.63 mi

9059 Euclid Ave

Prince William Islamic Center

19.66 mi

9002 Mathis Ave

Islamic Center Of Maryland

20.18 mi

19411 Woodfield Rd

islamic center

20.19 mi

Not Found

Islamic School Of Potomac

21.23 mi

15216 Red Clover Dr

Peace Islamic Center

21.93 mi

9302 Old Keene Mill Rd

Islamic Center

22.75 mi

Not Found

Shah-E-Najaf Islamic Center

23.94 mi

5501 Cherokee Ave

Islamic Center of Washington

24.73 mi

2551 Massachusetts Ave NW

Madina Islamic Center

24.95 mi

6805 Backlick Rd

Dar Al-Noor Islamic Center

26.11 mi

5404 Hoadly Rd

Islamic Society of Frederick

26.16 mi

1250 Key Pkwy

Avondale Islamic Center

28.23 mi

4637 Eastern Ave

ivy city masjid & islamic education center

28.44 mi

Not Found

Islamic Society Of The Washington Area

28.71 mi

2701 Briggs Chaney Rd

America's Islamic Heritage Museum

29.4 mi

2315 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE

Idara Jaferia Islamic Center

29.47 mi

3140 Spencerville Rd

ICNA Islamic Center

29.74 mi

2913 Woodlawn Trl

The Islamic Society of Southern Prince George's County

30.66 mi

5410 Indian Head Hwy

Islamic Research & Humanitarian Services Center

32.65 mi

1 Chamber Ave

Islamic Community Center Of Laurel

32.69 mi

7306 Contee Rd

Islamic Society-The Capitol

33.15 mi

4831 Silver Hill Rd

Turkish American Islamic Foundation

34.85 mi

9704 Good Luck Rd

Islamic Center of Winchester

35.36 mi

420 Stephenson Rd

Maryum Islamic Center

37.15 mi

3290 Pine Orchard Ln

Islamic Society Of Western Maryland

40.27 mi

2036 Day Rd

Islamic Society of Baltimore

43.52 mi

6631 Johnnycake Rd

Islamic Society of Annapolis

44.19 mi

814 Brandy Farms Ln

Islamic Society of Annapolis

50.14 mi

2635 Riva Rd

Islamic Centre Of Fredericksburg

52.31 mi

7020 Harrison Rd

Southern Maryland Islamic Center

58.44 mi

1046 Solomons Island Rd

About Spiritual Centers

Life in this world has become so busy these days that most people get very little time to rest. The busy lifestyle often results in mental health problems, in addition to physical exhaustion. That also results in the non-fulfillment of one's religious obligations. The more a person gets away from the religion, the more he gets mentally disturbed. So, mental counseling comes into play under these compelling circumstances.

A spiritual center, or more precisely an Islamic spiritual center, is a place that provides necessary guidance to people to deal with modern-day life while remaining firm on their faith and fulfilling all the required religious obligations. A mosque is one of the best spiritual centers in the Muslim world, where they gather five times a day to offer five regular prayers. This daily practice is a rich source of enhancing one's spiritual health. The most important spiritual center for Muslims is Ka’aba, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in Masjid Al-Haram. Millions of Muslims travel to this place every year to perform Hajj and Umrah, the best spiritual support sources.

Apart from these traditional sources of spiritual support, so many centers are established in different areas worldwide, including non-Muslim Countries. These are commonly known as “Islamic Center”. These Islamic Centers provide facilities and support to the local Muslim population in the relevant fields of Islamic teachings and spiritualism. Such Islamic centers are even more active in non-Muslim countries, where the local Muslims need more assistance in religious matters, as compared to the other Muslim Countries.

Importance of Spiritual Centers

Spiritual centers play an important role in the mental and spiritual well-being of Muslims, especially in areas where there are fewer opportunities for them to get the required religious guidance. The role of such Islamic or Spiritual Centers is very important. Here, the Muslims get basic Islamic knowledge, from offering prayers to reading and understanding the Quran and Hadith. They also get the most relevant and practical learning on different Islamic matters.

The role of these Islamic Spiritual Centers is even more relevant in non-Muslim Countries. They contribute significantly to imparting religious education to the local Muslims, especially the youth. Additionally, these spiritual centers provide the much-required spiritual support to the Muslims living in these areas.