Islamic Prayer Times in Ivory Coast

Islam requires its followers to offer 5 ritual prayers or salah every day. In Muslim-majority countries, local mosques call out Adhan at prayer times, but this facility is not available in Muslim-minority countries. In countries where Muslims are a minority, followers of Islam must rely on prayer timetables to find accurate prayer times in their area. This webpage is dedicated to Islamic prayer times in Ivory Coast. We are dedicated to providing you with updated and accurate prayer times so you don't miss any of your prayers or congregation (Jamah).

Finding accurate prayer times on the Muslim and Quran website or app is effortless. View the list of cities in Ivory Coat given below, select the city you are residing in or traveling to, and access accurate prayer timings!

Ivory Coast has a Muslim population of around 11.2 million, making up 42.5%, a significant majority in the country. It is known for its diversity and religious tolerance. Islam has historical roots in the country, going as far back as the 11th century when Muslim tradesmen and scholars from North Africa began to spread the religion in the area. With, you will easily find the most accurate prayer times for any region in the Ivory Coast. Wherever you are, you do not have to worry about missing your salah. Simply bookmark this page, download the prayer timetable, or activate prayer times notifications on your smart device!

Find Accurate Prayer Times with Muslim and Quran

Accurate prayer times (salah times) for your location are listed on the Muslim and Quran App and Website. They are updated automatically, so you will not have to worry about them being inaccurate. To find the exact prayer times in your location, go to the Prayer Times page (Prayer times will appear according to your location settings) or find Country Listing, choose your country, and then select your city.

The Islamic prayer times for Ivory Coast are listed with the most up-to-date times of the specific date for the five daily prayers, along with a countdown to each prayer. You also have the choice to print the city's prayer timetable for the entire Hijri year (Islamic calendar). You can download the schedule for offline reference.

Ivory Coast Cities with Muslim Population

Here's a list of some cities in Ivory Coast with a majority of Muslims.

  1. Abidjan: The largest city in Ivory Coast
  2. Bouaké: One of Ivory Coast's largest cities (with Muslims being particularly from the Dioula ethnic group)
  3. Korhogo: Located in the northern part of the Ivory Coast
  4. San Pedro: A coastal city with a sizeable Muslim community

You can easily find mosques and halal food options while you travel around these cities.

Islamic Culture and Heritage in Ivory Coast

Islam in the Ivory Coast goes as far back as the 11th century, with the advent of Muslim tradesmen and scholars from North Africa. Over the course of centuries, Islam has grown to merge with local customs and traditions. Ancient Mosques, like Mosquée de Kong, give evidence of the presence of Islam in the Ivory Coast. Several other mosques in Ivory Coast boast unique architectural designs inspired by the local craft, such as Plateau Mosque.

Halal Dining and Food Options in Ivory Coast

With an old, thriving history in the region, Muslims have particularly influenced Ivorian cuisine with their dietary practices. Halal food is widely available in the country, and dishes such as "Thiéboudienne" (a Senegalese rice and fish dish) and "Yassa" (a spicy marinated chicken or fish dish) have become a local tradition.