Islamic Prayer Times in Kosovo

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Kosovo has not declared itself with a specific religion, but 96% of the population follows Islamic teachings and declares themselves as Muslims. The majority of them are Albanians, and other ethnic groups that live in Kosovo are Turks, Bosniaks, and Gorani.

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Popular Cities with Muslim Population in Kosovo

Although there are other religions in the minority, like Christianity, Kosovo is a Muslim-dominant country, with 95.5% of the total population identifying as Muslims. Muslims are scattered across the country, living in all the major cities of Kosovo. A few of the famous cities of Kosovo are:

Prizren: This city has a total population of 194,581, and 96% of the population identifies as Muslim. It is famous as a museum city for its old buildings that hold importance at the national level, as well as many mosques and churches. 

Mitrovica: It has a total population of 85,360, and the majority of them are Muslims.

Peja: The fourth largest city of Kosovo, has around 96,450 people. Out of which 92,914 are Muslims.

Pristina: It has a population of 99,536 people, and 96,739 follow Islam.

Islamic Culture and Heritage in Kosovo

Islam was introduced to Kosovo after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. It was occupied by the Ottoman Empire, and Islamic Laws were imposed across the country. By the year 1634, most of the Albanians living in Kosovo had converted to Islam, the majority being Sunni Muslims. Albanian and Serbian are Kosovo's official languages. Turkish is also spoken in a few areas of the country.

Kosovo has a rich archeological heritage, Islamic Libraries, Madrasas, bazaars, and hammams. The first mosque was built in 1393 under the Ottoman Empire. During the conflict in 1998-1999, around 600 mosques were destroyed or damaged. The Islamic heritage suffered terrible events during the ethnic cleansing operation.

After the war, UNESCO restored a few of the monuments in Kosovo, including the Red Mosque in Peja, Hadum Mosque in Gjakova, Decan Mosque, and Hammam of Ali Beyin Vushtrri. Today, there are more than 800 mosques across the country, and every month a new mosque is built. Women mostly wear black dress with their heads and face covered.

Islamic Community Services and Organizations in Kosovo

As a Muslim-dominant country, Kosovo has many Islamic community services and organizations operating in different parts of the country. A few of the reputable organizations are:

Islamic Community of Kosovo: It looks after religious and community matters of Kosovo and also performs charitable tasks.

Elhilal Kosovo: is a prominent charitable organization in Kosovo. It provides relief funds and humanitarian efforts.

The Islamic Cultural Center in Mitrovica: It serves as a local Muslim community center. It arranges religious education events.

Islamic Festivals and Events in Kosovo

Muslims in Kosovo are mainly Sunni, while a small percentage also reflect Shia Muslims. Here, in Kosovo, Muslims celebrate all the major festivals in Islam, including Muharrm, 12 Rabi Ul Awal, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-Ul-Adha.

Halal Dining and Food Options in Kosovo

Since Kosovo is a predominantly Muslim population country, halal dining can be found anywhere in Kosovo. You can find authentic Kosovo cuisine or international cuisine, all prepared from Islamic teaching to earn Halal status.

Islamic Education and Institutions in Kosovo

There are madrasas in Kosovo for Islamic education. A few of the notable ones are:

Ghazi Ali Beg Madrasa: Founded in 1990, it is named after Ghazi Ali Beg. It promotes Islamic teachings and provides education for Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

Naim Frasheri Madrasa: This madrasa is named after a famous Albanian writer and poet, Naim Frasheri. It offers Islamic education as well as standard academic education for the people in Pristine.

Connect with the Muslim Community in Kosovo

As a Muslim-dominant country, it is easy to connect with the Muslims of Kosovo. This country is rich in Islamic Heritage and has a lot of traditional and cultural values. Getting connected with the locals will help you learn about the history of the place, their way of preaching Islam, and their traditions and cultural differences from the rest of the world. Connect with them on festivals, holidays, and community centers, or enroll in any Islamic educational center. is your partner who is getting close to your faith. We provide you with the teachings that will help you learn your religion and connect with it deeply. We also provide prayer times so you know the right time to offer your prayer and can plan your day according to it.