Islamic Prayer Times in Tanzania

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Popular Cities with Muslim Population in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country of Forests and mountains with a total population of almost 64 million people. Out of the total population, 63% are Christians and 34% are Muslims. Since the population of Muslims is huge, there are more than 800 mosques throughout Tanzania for the worship of its Muslim community. Muslims generally form a majority in the coastal areas and some inland regions of Tanzania. 

Dodoma: It is the capital of Tanzania, where diverse religious groups live. Dodoma has a high population of Muslims and has several mosques to cater to their worship needs. 

Zanzibar City: It has a huge number of Muslims living and also has some historic mosques and Islamic culture. 

Dar es Salaam: Is the largest city in Tanzania and has a significantly high population of Muslims living. 

Arusha: It is a famous tourist city in Tanzania and famous for its destinations Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. There are many Muslims who live here and also have their worship places. 

Islamic Culture and Heritage in Tanzania

The Swahili group brought Islam to Tanzania in the 19th century. Before that, the history traces back to the 10th century when 1with Kilwa Sultanate was founded by Ali ibn al-Hassan Shirazi. Trade activities along the East African coast solidified Islam in the region by the 16th century. When the Swahili merchants entered the land through trade routes, Sufi missionaries, along with the converted local Africans and Muslim chiefs, played a key role in spreading Islam during the colonial period. Sufi orders like Qadirriya and Shadhiliyya further established Islam in the 19th and 20th centuries. Tanzania gained independence in the mid-20th century with the support of Tanzanian Muslims.

Islamic Community Services and Organizations in Tanzania

With a notable number of Muslims living in Tanzania, there are few organizations working to benefit these people The prominent organizational figures are:

BAKWATA: The National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) was established in 1968 and is known as the umbrella of Muslims in Tanzania. They are there to protect the rights of the Muslim community and look after all their affairs. 

Islamic Faith Foundation: IFF helps many Muslim countries facing downtime. They are responsible for Islamic affairs and supporting Muslim communities in Tanzania. 

ICESCO: The Islamic World Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, as the name implies, is an international government organization looking after the education, science, and culture of the people of Tanzania. 

Islamic Festivals and Events in Tanzania

Muslims of Tanzania celebrate all the festivals with enthusiasm, cherishing every moment. They observe fast for the month of Ramadan, opening the fast with dates and other meals at iftar time. They make special arrangements for the Taraweeh prayer, which is a special prayer offered only in the Holy month of Ramadan. Upon sighting the moon of Shawaal, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr the next morning, which starts with offering Eid prayer in congregation and later enjoying the feast with family and friends. On the 10th of Dhul Al-Hijjah, Muslims of Tanzania and other parts of the world celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, where they offer prayer after sunrise in the congregation, sacrifice the animal, distribute the meat, and enjoy the feast. 

Halal Dining and Food Options in Tanzania

Halal food is readily available in Tanzania and you can enjoy local and international authentic cuisines, especially in the cities where there are many Muslims. These names are well known in their surrounding of Dar es Salam city and carry great customer feedback:

  • Burger 53
  • Mambaz Restaurant
  • Addis in Dar
  • Karambezi Cafe

Enjoy Lebanese, African, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisines served all Halal. It's always best to look out for the Halal certificate and confirm if the food you are about to eat is 100% Halal.

Connect with the Muslim Community in Tanzania

Connect and learn from the Muslims of Tanzania about their daily life struggles. Learn how they live in harmony with other religions, especially the dominant religion in their society. Join them at feasts, during festivals, or in congregational prayers to learn more about them. brings you the most authentic Islamic Prayer Time in Tanzania and all the other countries in the world to help you stay closer to your religion no matter where in the world you are. Download our app and receive notifications for every prayer.