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Muslim and Quran welcomes you to the Live Islamic TV Channel feature, a section with a variety of online Islamic TV channels, including ILM TV, Roshni TV, ARY QTV, Mecca Live, and more. Benefit from popular and responsible Islamic broadcast channels. The best part of all? These Live Channels are available worldwide. Access the online channels anywhere in the world! Combat distracting content widely available online and redirect your attention to spiritually beneficial Islamic content with the Muslim and Quran mobile app. Our app is easy-to-navigate, choose your desired TV channel with a simple tap. Download the Muslim and Quran app and get free access to Live Islamic TV Channels! 

The Live Islamic TV Channel feature by Muslim and Quran provides a collection of Islamic Channels that you can access from anywhere with your mobile and internet connection. Muslim and Quran is delighted to provide you with worthwhile Islamic content and media to strengthen your faith and practice of Islamic knowledge. Several types of channels on a myriad of topics including Islamic educational programs and lifestyle programs, are available with broadcasting from various locations around the world. Among the popular channels available at Live Islamic TV Channel in our application are Live coverage of the central cities in the Muslim world,

We have a diverse selection of Islamic TV channels specifically curated to meet the distinct needs in this rapidly changing world. Browse and explore more of these Islamic Channels available in various languages to facilitate Muslims belonging to various communities scattered all over the world. Our Live Channels are available in the following languages:

This variety of options provided in the Live Islamic TV Channel section is a distinct quality of the Muslim and Quran. You can effortlessly navigate our Live Channels with easy and simple access to valuable Islamic knowledge and media. Simply tap on your preferred channel within the listed options and you will be forwarded to the channel live stream.  

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You can now transport yourself to the spiritually vitalizing city of Mecca or revel in inspirational Islamic knowledge with renowned scholars with our Live Islamic TV Channel on the Muslim and Quran app. We assure you of authentic programming and broadcasts aimed at vitalizing your Islamic faith with Islamic education and lifestyle guidance. Visit or your mobile’s Google Play store and download our app to swiftly access Live Islamic TV Channels and more!