Missed Salah

Salah is the most important kind of worship and can never be omitted. One can perform the missed prescribed salah at any time, except when praying is prohibited. Missed salah must be made up without delay. Missed prayer should be performed in the proper order. For example, if one has missed less than six prayers, he or she should first perform a new prayer at the salah's original time. However, if one has missed more than six prayers, can make them up all time when praying is permissible. One who missed a prayer during journey, can make it up as 2 rakaats except the evening prayer. Only the fard part of the missed daily salah is performed. The sunnah parts of the scheduled time salahs are not performed. However, the sunnah rakaats of the missed fajar salah are performed along with the obligatory rakaats up until the midday of the very same day.