Today Prayer Times in Romania

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Romania Cities with Muslim Population 

Romania has a total population of 20.6 million people. The majority of people are Orthodox Christians, and Islam is a minority religion followed by only 0.4% of the total population. The Muslims mainly consist of different ethnic groups, including Turks, Tatars, and Gypsies. Few immigrants are students or immigrants for work from other predominantly Muslim countries. Muslims in Romania are dispersed throughout the country, forming small communities. Some of the cities where Muslims are in high numbers include Constanta, Mangalia, Tulcea, and Bucharest. Most cities also have mosques to cater to Muslims’ worship needs. 

Islamic Culture and Heritage in Romania

Islam was introduced 700 years ago in Romania. It was first introduced in Northern Dobruja, part of the Ottoman Empire, for around 500 years. Most of the Muslims in Romania belong to Tatar and Turkish ethnic groups. 97% of the Muslims in Romania live in Northern Dobruja, mainly in Constanta County and Tulcea County. Romania is home to around 80 mosques, some of which are recognized by the Romanian government as historical monuments. Romania recognizes the Grand Mosque in Constanta and the Esmahan Sultan Mosque in Mangalia as historical monuments.

Islamic Festivals and Events in Romania

Muslims in Romania celebrate all the Islamic events and festivals following the Hijrah Calendar. They celebrate the Islamic New Year in Muharram, followed by Asura on the 9th and 10th of the first Islamic month. Romanian Muslims celebrate Prophet Muhammad's (S.A.W) birth on the 12th of Rabbi Awal. In the 9th month of the Hijrah calendar, Muslims, including Romania, celebrate the holy month of Ramadan worldwide. They fast from sunrise to sunset and enjoy Iftar upon breaking their fast. Upon sighting the new moon of Shawaal, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. They start their day with the Fajr prayer before sunrise, followed by the Eid prayer after sunrise. The rest of the day is celebrated by visiting families and friends. Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated as a sacrifice event in the last month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims offer their Eid prayers and then sacrifice their animals. They distribute its meat among family, friends, and the less privileged.   

Halal Dining and Food Options in Romania

Finding Halal dining options and food in Romania takes work. However, you can find halal options in cities where Muslims are in a large population. The city of Bucharest has some excellent Halal dining options available, which include:

  • Saray Restaurant (International, Turkish)

  • Divan (Middle Eastern, Turkish)

  • Sindbad (Lebanese, Mediterranean)

  • Haveli (Indian, Asian)

  • Karishma restaurant (Indian, Asian)

Connect with the Muslim Community in Romania 

Connecting and engaging with the Muslim Community of Romania will allow you to learn about their different culture, traditions, and values. It promotes the exchange of two cultures and promotes brotherhood. allows you to connect with your religion and strengthen your bond with Allah. We provide you with different Islamic educational resources to help you improve your religious knowledge and ibadah. Visit our website or download our app to gain the maximum benefit.