The Etiquette of Praising a Fellow Muslim

Praising a fellow Muslim is an act of goodwill that promotes love and harmony in mutual relationships. In fact, praising other people for their good traits and abilities is an act of kindness that should be encouraged in the cruel and harsh world of today. However, one must remember that there are conditions for praising a fellow Muslim. Along with the dua, make sure to avoid exaggeration or excessive praising that involves or leads to lying, and the praising of another one must also not be for a forbidden purpose, such as appreciating the beauty of a non-mahram woman.

When you are praising a fellow Muslim, make sure to be honest sincere, and do not praise a sinful or forbidden act, trait, or ability. Moreover, another dua to say when praising another Muslim is ‘’Allahumma barik.’’

Ibn Majah narrated the Prophet (ï·º) to have said: “If one of you sees something with his brother that he admires, let him pray for blessing (barakah) for him.” Therefore, upon praising someone, you can also say Allahumma barik as a gesture to pray for further blessings to be bestowed upon your fellow Muslim.

Hisnul Muslim

The etiquette of praising a fellow Muslim

Good Etiquette Duas

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم : " إذا كان أحدكم مادحاً صاحبه لا محالة فليقل : أحسبُ فلاناً والله حسيبهُ ولا أزكي على الله أحداً ، أحسبهُ – إن كان يعلم ذاك – كذا وكذا "

The Prophet (SAW) said: "If any of you praises his companion then let him say: "I deem so-and-so (person's name) to be... And Allah is his Assessor and I don't praise anyone, putting it forward, in front of Allah's commendation, however I assume him so and so ...if he knows that of him".

[Hisnul 231] [Muslim 4/2296.]

Benefits of Praising a Fellow Muslim

As believers of Islam, it is important for us to remember Allah in everything we must say or do. The dua that signifies the etiquettes of praising one’s fellow Muslim emphasizes the power of Allah in blessing and providing a human being with every good thing that is worthy of praise. Therefore, when we praise a human being, we must emphasize the power of Allah, who provided the person with a good trait or ability.


Yes, it is permissible to praise someone in Islam with a few exceptions – you can praise another person as long as you are not dishonest and are doing so without any ulterior or personal motivation to encourage them to do better or to boost their confidence.
Mashallah is a dua that is often used to congratulate someone. It is a reminder that whatever good happened has occurred due to the will of Allah almighty. Therefore, you can also use it to congratulate someone when praising them.
Allahumma Barik translates to ‘’may Allah bless you’’ and is often said to another Muslim as a token of appreciation.