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Hisnul Muslim

The etiquette of praising a fellow Muslim

All Duas

The Prophet (SAW) said: "If any of you praises his companion then let him say: "I deem so-and-so (person's name) to be... And Allah is his Assessor and I don't praise anyone, putting it forward, in front of Allah's commendation, however I assume him so and so ...if he knows that of him".


قال صلى الله عليه وسلم : " إذا كان أحدكم مادحاً صاحبه لا محالة فليقل : أحسبُ فلاناً والله حسيبهُ ولا أزكي على الله أحداً ، أحسبهُ – إن كان يعلم ذاك – كذا وكذا "

[Hisnul 231] [Muslim 4/2296.]