Verse. 284

٢ - ٱلْبَقَرَة

2 - Al-Baqara

اِنَّ الَّذِيْنَ اٰمَنُوْا وَعَمِلُوا الصّٰلِحٰتِ وَاَقَامُوا الصَّلٰوۃَ وَاٰتَوُا الزَّكٰوۃَ لَھُمْ اَجْرُھُمْ عِنْدَ رَبِّہِمْ۝۰ۚ وَلَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْہِمْ وَلَا ھُمْ يَحْزَنُوْنَ۝۲۷۷
Inna allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati waaqamoo alssalata waatawoo alzzakata lahum ajruhum AAinda rabbihim wala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona


Ahmed Ali

Those who believe and do good deeds, and fulfil their devotional obligations and pay the zakat, have their reward with their Lord, and will have neither fear nor regret.



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (lo! those who believe) in allah, his messengers, scriptures as well as in the unlawfulness of usury (and do good works) regarding what is between them and their lord and avoid usury (and establish worship) complete the five daily prayers with all that which is obligated in them (and pay the poor-due) and give the poor-due of their wealth, (their reward is with their lord) in paradise (and there shall no fear come upon them) when death is slain (neither shall they grieve) when the fire is closed.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : those who believe and perform righteous deeds, and establish the prayer, and pay the alms — their wage awaits them with their lord, and no fear shall befall them, neither shall they grieve.