Verse. 5060

٥٦ - ٱلْوَاقِعَة

56 - Al-Waqi'a

اَفَبِھٰذَا الْحَدِيْثِ اَنْتُمْ مُّدْہِنُوْنَ۝۸۱ۙ
Afabihatha alhadeethi antum mudhinoona


Ahmed Ali

Then why do you dissimulate this Revelation?



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (is it this statement) is it this qur'an which muhammad (pbuh) recites to you, o people of mecca, (that ye scorn) that you deny, and claim that there is no paradise or hell, resurrection or reckoning, as the prophet says,

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : and for your livelihood, in the way of rain, that is to say, the thanks for it, you offer your denial?, of god’s granting it to you, by saying, ‘we have rain because of this [or that] storm’?