Verse. 5835

٨٢ - ٱلْإِنْفِطَار

82 - Al-Infitar

يٰۗاَيُّہَا الْاِنْسَانُ مَا غَرَّكَ بِرَبِّكَ الْكَرِيْمِ۝۶ۙ
Ya ayyuha alinsanu ma gharraka birabbika alkareemi


Ahmed Ali

O man, what seduced you from your munificent Lord



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (o man!) i.e. o disbelieving man; here referring specifically to kildah ibn usayd (what hath made thee careless concerning thy lord) when you disbelieved in him, (the bountiful) the forgiving,

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : o, disbelieving, man! what has deceived you with regard to your generous lord?, so that you have disobeyed him,

Sahl al-Tustari

تفسير : o mankind! what has deceived you with regard to your generous lord?he said:that is, ‘what has lured you away to other than him, and severed you from him, in spite of his graciousness (luṭf) and generosity (karam)?’he was asked, ‘what is it that cuts the servant off [from god]?’ he replied:the servant belongs to god, and god is there for his servant. there is nothing closer to him than the heart of the believer, and if anything else comes into his heart, that becomes a veil (ḥijāb) [for him]. whoever looks upon (naẓara) god with his heart, will become distanced from all besides him, and whoever seeks the means to [attain] his good pleasure (marḍā), will be made satisfied by god through his clemency (ḥilm).furthermore, whoever surrenders his heart to god, exalted is he, [will find that] god takes care of his bodily members so they remain in rectitude (istiqāma). yet at the same time, their hearts’ witnessing is in proportion to how much they safeguard their bodily members.then he said:keep a check on your hearts. we are created and our creator is with us. do not tire in your works, for truly god watches over you wherever you are. place your needs before him and stand at his door. say: ‘we are ignorant, but our teacher (ʿālimunā) is with us. we are weak, but the one who gives us strength (muqawwiyyunā) is with us. we are helpless, but our all-powerful one (qādirunā) is with us.’ truly, whoever adheres to this will find that air, space, earth and sky will become of equal consequence [to him]. ʿumar b. wāṣil, a student of sahl, said, ‘when [sahl] would recite this verse, he [sahl] would say:it is ignorance that has lured me away [from you] ⸢o lord⸣, due to your withdrawing your protection from me.his words, mighty and majestic is he: