Dua for Excellence of Visiting the Sick

The excellence of visiting the sick is proven by the fact that it is a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (ï·º). Abu Hurairah reported that Prophet Muhammad (ï·º) said, "There are 5 rights over another Muslim which are to return the greetings, visit the sick, to accompany the funeral procession, to accept an invitation, and respond to the sneezer" [Riyad as-Salihin 895].

The excellence of visiting the sick can be understood through another hadith reported by Abu Hurairah. He reported that the Prophet Muhammad (ï·º) said, "Verily, Allah, the Exalted, and Glorious will say on the Day of Resurrection: 'O son of Adam, I was ill, but you did not visit Me.' He would say: 'O my Rubb, how could I visit you and You are the Rubb of the worlds?' Thereupon, He would say: 'Did you not know that such and such a slave of Mine was ill, but you did not visit him? Did you not realize that if you had visited him (you would have known that I was aware of your visit to him, for which I would reward you), you would have found Me with him?" [Riyad as-Salihin 896].

In light of the above ahadith, it is established that visiting sick family members, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and even any person is the Sunnah of our Prophet and an act beloved by Allah Azzawajal. The hadith below shows that when a person visits a sick Muslim, 70,000 angels pray for the person till the morning.

Maintaining the Excellence of Visiting the Sick

When reciting dua for the excellence of visiting the sick, one has to be mindful of the patient who is sick. Do not pray in a loud voice or talk in a loud voice near the patient, as it may cause discomfort. Pray quietly so that the prayer is comforting for the sick. Moreover, try to be useful; help the sick person out by taking care of a task they are unable to do due to their sickness. It can be house chores, everyday tasks like getting groceries, getting their kids from school, etc. You can also cook them a refreshing and healthy meal.

Hisnul Muslim

Excellence of visiting the sick

Sickness & Death Duas

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم :" إذا عاد الرجل أخاه المسلم مشى في خرافة الجنة حتى يجلس فإذا جلس غمرته الرحمة ، فإن كان غدوة صلى عليه سبعون ألف ملك حتى يمسي ، وإن كان مساء صلى عليه سبعون ألف ملك حتى يصبح

When a man goes to visit his sick Muslim brother, he walks along a path of Paradise until he sits, and when he sits he is cloaked in mercy. If he comes in the morning, Seventy thousand angels pray for him until evening, and if he comes in the evening, Seventy thousand angels pray for him until morning.

[Hisnul 149] [At-Tirmizi, Ibn Majah, Ahmad.]

The Excellence of Visiting the Sick – Benefits

When one makes dua for the excellence of visiting the sick or visiting the sick, angels are appointed to accompany them and bless them throughout their way. The benefits of visiting the sick are not just limited to the one who is ill but also the one who visits. There is excellence in the act of checking up on others as it opens up one's heart with mercy for others and instills in one a sense of gratitude for their health and well-being. It allows one to have empathy for others so that they can feel and try to help those around them.


Visiting the sick is a sunnah, as the Prophet Muhammad (ï·º) would visit when any of his sick companions or family members. On some occasions, he would offer them comfort, say a dua for them, put his hand on the part that was in pain to heal them, and even do household chores for them while they were sick.
Both health and sickness are from Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى), and sickness leaves one purified of their sins. One should not complain and be thankful to Allah in all conditions. Allah may challenge His people with trials of body, mind, and faith. It is our job as good Muslims to remain steadfast in our belief in Allah's omnipotence and continue to do our best in every situation.