Verse. 1718

١٣ - ٱلرَّعْد

13 - Ar-Ra'd

لَہٗ مُعَقِّبٰتٌ مِّنْۢ بَيْنِ يَدَيْہِ وَمِنْ خَلْفِہٖ يَحْفَظُوْنَہٗ مِنْ اَمْرِ اؘ۝۰ۭ اِنَّ اللہَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتّٰى يُغَيِّرُوْا مَا بِاَنْفُسِہِمْ۝۰ۭ وَاِذَاۗ اَرَادَ اللہُ بِقَوْمٍ سُوْۗءًا فَلَا مَرَدَّ لَہٗ۝۰ۚ وَمَا لَہُمْ مِّنْ دُوْنِہٖ مِنْ وَّالٍ۝۱۱
Lahu muAAaqqibatun min bayni yadayhi wamin khalfihi yahfathoonahu min amri Allahi inna Allaha la yughayyiru ma biqawmin hatta yughayyiroo ma bianfusihim waitha arada Allahu biqawmin sooan fala maradda lahu wama lahum min doonihi min walin


Ahmed Ali

His angels keep watch over him in succession (night and day), in front and behind, by God's command. Verily God does not change the state of a people till they change themselves. When God intends misfortune for a people no one can avert it, and no saviour will they have apart from Him.



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (for him are angels ranged before him) he has angels who succeed one another: the angels of the night succeed the angels of the day and vice versa (and behind him who guard him by allah's command) and who drive him to the things destined. (lo! allah changeth not the condition of a folk) the blessing and safety of a people (until they (first) change that which is in their hearts) by failing to give thanks; (and if allah willeth misfortune) a chastisement or destruction (for a folk there is none that can repel it) there is none that can repel allah's decree concerning them, (nor have they) for those whom allah wants to destroy (a defender) who can save them from allah's chastisement; it is also said that this means: none can give them a refuge to which they can escape (beside him) beside allah.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : for him, for man, are attendants, angels who follow him, to his front and to his rear, guarding him through god’s command, that is, by his command, from [the danger of] the jinn and others. indeed god does not alter the state of a people — he does not deprive them of his grace — unless they have altered the state of their souls, from [their] comely nature, through an act of disobedience. and if god wills misfortune, chastisement, for a people there is none that can repel it, either from among the attendant angels or others; and they, for whom god wills misfortune, have no protector (min wālin: min is extra) to avert it from them, apart from him, that is, other than god.

Sahl al-Tustari

تفسير : for him are attendants (muʿaqqibāt) in front of him and behind him, guarding him by god’s command…the meaning of muʿaqqibāt is the angels of the night and day, which come one after the other in succession. guarding him by god’s command…, that is, [preserving] all the good and evil things that he has determined for his servant. furthermore, they bear witness for [the servant] with fidelity (wafāʾ), and against him with severity (jafāʾ) on the day of resurrection.his words, exalted is he: