Verse. 30

٢ - ٱلْبَقَرَة

2 - Al-Baqara

وَاِنْ كُنْتُمْ فِىْ رَيْبٍ مِّـمَّا نَزَّلْنَا عَلٰي عَبْدِنَا فَاْتُوْا بِسُوْرَۃٍ مِّنْ مِّثْلِہٖ۝۰۠ وَادْعُوْا شُہَدَاۗءَكُمْ مِّنْ دُوْنِ اللہِ اِنْ كُنْتُمْ صٰدِقِيْنَ۝۲۳
Wain kuntum fee raybin mimma nazzalna AAala AAabdina fatoo bisooratin min mithlihi waodAAoo shuhadaakum min dooni Allahi in kuntum sadiqeena


Ahmed Ali

If you are in doubt of what We have revealed to Our votary, then bring a Surah like this, and call any witness, apart from God, you like, if you are truthful.



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (and if ye are in doubt concerning that which we revealed) through the archangel gabriel (unto our slave) muhammad whom you accuse of fabrication, (then produce a surah like it) produce a surah like the surah of the cow (al-baqarah), (and call your witnesses), seek help from the gods that you worship, (apart from allah), it is said that this refers to their leaders, (if ye are truthful) in your claim.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : and if you are in doubt, in uncertainty, concerning what we have revealed to our servant, muhammad (s), of the qur’ān, that it is from god, then bring a sūra like it, that is also revealed (min mithlihi: min is explicative, that is, a sūra like it in its eloquence, fine arrangement and its bestowal of knowledge of the unseen; a sūra is a passage with a beginning and end made up of a minimum of three verses); and call your witnesses, those other gods that you worship, besides god, that is, other than him, so that it can be seen, if you are truthful, in [your claim] that muhammad (s) speaks it from himself. so do this, for you are also fluent speakers of arabic like him. when they could not do this, god said: