Verse. 3386

٢٩ - ٱلْعَنْكَبُوت

29 - Al-Ankabut

وَلَا تُجَادِلُوْۗا اَہْلَ الْكِتٰبِ اِلَّا بِالَّتِيْ ہِىَ اَحْسَنُ۝۰ۤۖ اِلَّا الَّذِيْنَ ظَلَمُوْا مِنْہُمْ وَقُوْلُوْۗا اٰمَنَّا بِالَّذِيْۗ اُنْزِلَ اِلَيْنَا وَاُنْزِلَ اِلَيْكُمْ وَاِلٰـہُنَا وَاِلٰــہُكُمْ وَاحِدٌ وَّنَحْنُ لَہٗ مُسْلِمُوْنَ۝۴۶
Wala tujadiloo ahla alkitabi illa biallatee hiya ahsanu illa allatheena thalamoo minhum waqooloo amanna biallathee onzila ilayna waonzila ilaykum wailahuna wailahukum wahidun wanahnu lahu muslimoona


Ahmed Ali

Do not argue with the people of the Book unless in a fair way, apart from those who act wrongly, and say to them: "We believe what has been sent down to us, and we believe what has been sent down to you. Our God and your God is one, and to Him we submit."



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (and argue not with the people of the scripture) the jews and christians (unless it be in (a way) that is better) i.e. by the qur'an, (save with such of them as do wrong) from among the delegation of najran, then you can do so by means of mula'anah; (and say: we believe in that which has been revealed unto us) i.e. the qur'an (and revealed unto you) the torah and the gospel; (our god and your god is one) he has no son or partner, (and unto him we surrender) we are sincere to him in our worship and profession of allah's divine oneness, and we believe in him.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : and do not dispute with the people of the scripture unless it be with that — in that manner of disputation, bettering the most virtuous way, such as calling [them] to god by [reference to] his signs and pointing out his arguments; except [in the case of] those of them who have done wrong, by waging war and refusing to accept [to pay] the jizya-tax: dispute with these using the sword, until such time as they submit or pay the jizya-tax; and say, to those who have accepted [the imposition upon them of] the jizya-tax, should they inform you of something stated in their scriptures: ‘we believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you — and neither believe nor disbelieve them in that [which they tell you] — our god and your god is one [and the same], and to him we submit’, [to him] we are obedient.