Verse. 4068

٣٩ - ٱلزُّمَر

39 - Az-Zumar

قُلْ يٰعِبَادِ الَّذِيْنَ اٰمَنُوا اتَّقُوْا رَبَّكُمْ۝۰ۭ لِلَّذِيْنَ اَحْسَنُوْا فِيْ ہٰذِہِ الدُّنْيَا حَسَـنَۃٌ۝۰ۭ وَاَرْضُ اللہِ وَاسِعَۃٌ۝۰ۭ اِنَّمَا يُوَفَّى الصّٰبِرُوْنَ اَجْرَہُمْ بِغَيْرِ حِسَابٍ۝۱۰
Qul ya AAibadi allatheena amanoo ittaqoo rabbakum lillatheena ahsanoo fee hathihi alddunya hasanatun waardu Allahi wasiAAatun innama yuwaffa alssabiroona ajrahum bighayri hisabin


Ahmed Ali

Tell them: "O my creatures who have come to belief, have fear of displeasing your Lord. There is good for those who do good in this world, and productive is God's earth. Only those who persevere will get their reward measureless."



'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : (say) to them, o muhammad: (o my bondmen who believe): abu bakr al-siddiq, 'umar al-faruq, 'uthman dhu'l-nurayn, 'ali al-murtada and their fellow believers! (observe your duty to your lord) obey your lord in small and great things. (for those who do good) for those who believe in allah's divine oneness (in this world there is good) they will have the garden on the day of judgement, (and allah's earth) the land of medina (is spacious) is safe from the enemy, so travel to it; this address was before the hijrah. (verily the steadfast) in the face of misfortunes (will be paid their wages) their rewards (without stint) without measure or delay.

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : say: ‘o servants of mine who believe! fear your lord, that is to say, [fear] his chastisement, by being obedient to him. for those who are virtuous in this world, through obedience, there will be good, and that is paradise, and god’s earth is vast, so emigrate throughout it, away from the [company of] disbelievers and the sight of indecencies. truly the steadfast, in [their] obedience [of god] and in [enduring] whatever [hardship] they may be tested with, will be paid their reward in full without any reckoning’, without any measure or any scales [to work it out].