Verse. 4631

٥٠ - ق

50 - Qaf

قۗ۝۰ۣۚ وَالْقُرْاٰنِ الْمَجِيْدِ۝۱ۚ
Qaf waalqurani almajeedi


Ahmed Ali

QAF. I CALL to witness the glorious Qur'an.


المنزل السابع


'Abdullāh Ibn 'Abbās / Muḥammad al-Fīrūzabādī

تفسير : and from his narration on the authority of ibn 'abbas that he said in the interpretation of allah's saying (qaf.): '(qaf.) he says: it is an azure mountain overlooking this world, and the colour of the sky takes from it; allah swore by it, (by the glorious qur'an) and he swore by the glorious, noble qur'an,

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Maḥallī

تفسير : qāf: god knows best what he means by this [letter]. by the glorious qur’ān, [by] the noble [qur’ān], the disbelievers of mecca have [certainly] not believed in muhammad (s).

Sahl al-Tustari

تفسير : qāf…[with this word] god, exalted is he, made an oath by his strength (quwwa) and omnipotence (qudra). in its outer meaning it refers to the mountain which surrounds this world, which is the first mountain god, exalted is he, created. then after it, he created mount abū qubays, which is the mountain which rises above Ṣafā. beyond this, by a distance of one year’s journey, is a mountain behind which the sun sets, just as he said: until it [the sun] disappeared behind [night’s] veil [38:32]. it has a face like a human face and a heart like the hearts of the angels in gnosis (fi’l-maʿrifa). his words: …by the glorious qurʾān.he said:this means that it is honoured above all other speech.his words: