Islamic Prayer Times in Pakistan

Welcome to Muslim and Quran's Islamic Prayer Times in Pakistan! No Muslim wants to miss their mandatory Salah, and that's why we bring you accurate prayer timings for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha for any city in Pakistan. These timings are updated according to the city's geographical location, so you're guaranteed precise timings all year round.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a popular Muslim country. Known as the fortress of Islam, more than 90% of the population in the country identifies as Muslim. Islam is the primary religion as well as the State religion of Pakistan, with more than 240 million Muslims residing in the country. About 85-90 percent of the population of Pakistan belongs to the Sunni sect, while Shias make up the remaining 10-15 percent.

The Muslim and Quran prayer times webpage for Pakistan will provide you with accurate prayer times for your 5 daily salah. Save the offline prayer times schedule or bookmark this webpage for regular notifications on the go so you don't have to worry about missing an obligatory Salah again!

Find Accurate Prayer Times with Muslim and Quran

The Islamic Prayer Times in Pakistan Page provides precise prayer times for every major city in Pakistan. The Prayer Times Schedule for each city is updated automatically, so you can rely on receiving reliable and accurate Salah timings every day on our website or using the Muslim and Quran app. A countdown to the upcoming Salah is also available, and for updated Salah timings all year round, download the Prayer Schedule for the entire Islamic year!


Islamic Community Services and Organizations in Pakistan

Various reputable Islamic and charitable organizations in Pakistan are working to support underprivileged Muslims and propagate a positive image of Muslims and Islam worldwide. Two such exceptional organizations are:

  1. Islamic Relief Pakistan: This organization has been working for more than three decades to motivate and enable individuals to respond to disasters and combat poverty while practicing and preaching Islamic values.
  2. Al-Khidmat Foundation: It is an organization operating nationally to provide humanitarian aid to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors and individuals of society.

Cities with the Largest Muslim Population in Pakistan

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan, with a population of more than 14.9 million as of {Year}. The second largest city in Pakistan is Lahore, with a population of approximately 14 million. Faisalabad is another large city with an estimated population of 3.7 million. Other popular cities in Pakistan include Peshawar, Quetta, Abbottabad, Hyderabad, Sialkot, and Muzafarabad. Most Muslims in Pakistan belong to the Sunni sect, but 10 – 15% of the population also identifies as Shia. A sub-sect of Shia in Pakistan is the Hazara ethnic group, most of which live in Afghanistan and the city of Quetta.

Islamic Education and Institutions in Pakistan

As the world's largest Muslim country, Pakistan has various Islamic educational institutions that offer degree programs, diplomas, and short courses on different religious subjects, such as the fundamentals of Islam and its philosophy. Two of them are:

  1. Al-Ghazali University (AGU): An institute of excellence offering an exclusive blend of conventional and modern education while staying true to Islamic scholarly traditions to produce intellectual and faith-based leaders.
  2. Jamia Darululoom Karachi: Exceptional center of religious studies in Pakistan striving to produce well-rounded and responsible scholars, commentators, muhaddiths, jurists, qazis and muftis, mujahideen, and preachers of Islam.

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