Prayer Times in Chicago

Get the most accurate Chicago, Illinois, United States Azan and Namaz times with both weekly Salat timings and monthly Salah timetable.

Offering daily prayer (Salat) is one of the most vital and essential duties that have to be performed as well as fulfilled by all the Muslims worldwide. All your problems are going to be solved when you offer your prayers on the right salat time and Allah’s (SWT) blessings will always be on you.

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Ramadan 1445 - Shawwal 1445

April 2024
April Ramadan Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Qiyam
01 Mon 22 05:14 06:32 12:54 16:29 19:17 20:35 00:55
02 Tue 23 05:12 06:31 12:54 16:30 19:18 20:37 00:54
03 Wed 24 05:10 06:29 12:54 16:30 19:19 20:38 00:54
04 Thu 25 05:08 06:27 12:53 16:31 19:20 20:39 00:54
05 Fri 26 05:06 06:26 12:53 16:31 19:21 20:41 00:54
06 Sat 27 05:04 06:24 12:53 16:32 19:22 20:42 00:53
07 Sun 28 05:03 06:22 12:53 16:32 19:23 20:43 00:53
08 Mon 29 05:01 06:21 12:52 16:32 19:24 20:45 00:53
09 Tue 30 04:59 06:19 12:52 16:33 19:26 20:46 00:52
April Shawwal
10 Wed 01 04:57 06:17 12:52 16:33 19:27 20:47 00:52
11 Thu 02 04:55 06:16 12:51 16:34 19:28 20:49 00:52
12 Fri 03 04:53 06:14 12:51 16:34 19:29 20:50 00:52
13 Sat 04 04:51 06:13 12:51 16:34 19:30 20:51 00:51
14 Sun 05 04:49 06:11 12:51 16:35 19:31 20:53 00:51
15 Mon 06 04:48 06:09 12:50 16:35 19:32 20:54 00:51
16 Tue 07 04:46 06:08 12:50 16:35 19:33 20:56 00:51
17 Wed 08 04:44 06:06 12:50 16:36 19:34 20:57 00:50
18 Thu 09 04:42 06:05 12:50 16:36 19:36 20:59 00:50
19 Fri 10 04:40 06:03 12:50 16:37 19:37 21:00 00:50
20 Sat 11 04:38 06:02 12:49 16:37 19:38 21:01 00:50
21 Sun 12 04:36 06:00 12:49 16:37 19:39 21:03 00:50
22 Mon 13 04:35 05:59 12:49 16:38 19:40 21:04 00:49
23 Tue 14 04:33 05:57 12:49 16:38 19:41 21:06 00:49
24 Wed 15 04:31 05:56 12:49 16:38 19:42 21:07 00:49
25 Thu 16 04:29 05:54 12:48 16:39 19:43 21:09 00:49
26 Fri 17 04:27 05:53 12:48 16:39 19:44 21:10 00:49
27 Sat 18 04:26 05:52 12:48 16:39 19:45 21:12 00:49
28 Sun 19 04:24 05:50 12:48 16:40 19:46 21:13 00:48
29 Mon 20 04:22 05:49 12:48 16:40 19:48 21:14 00:48
30 Tue 21 04:20 05:47 12:48 16:40 19:49 21:16 00:48
You can print the Islamic Calendar 2024 and namaz timetable of prayer times in Chicago, Illinois, United States for the whole year. The Prayer Timings schedule of Chicago, Illinois, United States is updated automatically, so you can always find the most authentic and accurate prayer timings and Ramadan Calendar 2024 for the month of Ramadan Chicago, Illinois, United States. You can also download the Muslim and Quran app for prayer timings to view all namaz times anywhere, anytime. The Muslim and Quran app also gives you a chance to log your PrayerBook and notifies you to view your prayer history with ease all the time.

Prayer Times today in Chicago, Illinois, United States are Fajar Prayer Time 04:48, Dhuhr Prayer Time 12:50, Asar Prayer Time 16:35, Maghrib Prayer Time 19:32 & Isha Prayer Time 20:54. Get the most accurate Chicago, Illinois, United States Azan and Namaz times with both weekly Salat timings and monthly Salah timetable.

Popular Mosques in Chicago



Are you searching for mosques that offer salah with Jamaat at accurate prayer times in Chicago? Check out this guide, which lists famous mosques in the city, their daily prayer times, religious and social services, and other helpful information. Whether you are a resident of Chicago or just visiting, you can use this guide to find a mosque near you. Chicago is the third largest city in the US and has one of the largest American Muslim populations in the country. In fact, according to the 2020 census, about 350,000 Muslims live in the state of Illinois, with the majority residing in the Chicago metropolitan area. Interestingly, the Muslim population in Chicagoland is among the most diverse and fastest growing in the US, with more Muslims per capita than any other state. 


No wonder Chicago has several Islamic Centers and mosques that serve as places of worship and community gathering places. Most mosques in Chicago are working for the welfare of the Muslims and less privileged factions of society. They run youth centers, educational institutes, adult education sites, food pantries, and free dinners for anyone in the neighborhood. Mosques also serve as vital community meeting points where Muslims of Chicago gather to revive their faith, connect with people from their faith, and celebrate religious occasions. Here are a few mosques that can offer you spiritual fulfillment and societal connectedness in Chicago: 


1. Downtown Islamic Center 


Downtown Islamic Center is a well-known landmark in downtown Chicago. Unlike traditional mosques, DIC is located on State Street in the middle of a popular shopping area in a high-rise building between Target and Macys. The location provides downtown visitors and Muslims working in the area the perfect place to perform afternoon and evening prayers. Downtown Islamic Center holds Jumma prayers with a Khutbah (sermon) every Friday. In addition, the mosque arranges Tarawih prayer during Ramadan, special prayer sessions for Laytul Qadr (The Night of Power), and Eid prayers. The mosque is rated highly on yelp and google reviews for its inclusive atmosphere and welcoming attitude towards people of different backgrounds. 


However, if you are new to the city or unfamiliar with the area, it can be challenging to find the mosque. So, we recommend following Google maps.  Since it is a busy mosque, you may not find prayer rugs during rush hours. Bring your prayer rug with you, if possible, especially for Jummah and Tarawih prayers. In addition to regular prayers, the mosque also holds spiritual events and talks with notable scholars in the area. The mosque also runs a food pantry that provides free meals to homeless individuals. Visit their website or social media pages for details. 



Downtown Islamic Center, Chicago – Prayer Times 



  • Fajr - 5:35 AM
  • Zuhur – 11:38 AM
  • Asr – 2:02 PM
  • Maghrib – 4:21 PM
  • Ishā – 5:43 PM
  • Friday Prayer – 1:10 PM 



Downtown Islamic Center Details



  • Website: Downtown Islamic Center 
  • Address / Location: 231 S State St #4, Chicago Illinois 
  • Phone Number: +1 312-939-9095
  • Google Maps:
  • Social Media: Facebook Twitter 



2. Masjid Al-Ihsan 


Masjid Al-Ihsan is located in the Bronzeville area on the South Side of Chicago. The mosque comes under the Islamic Institute of Urban Affairs and offers daily prayers, Jumma, Eid prayer, Zakat, and spiritual lectures. In addition to being a focal point for Muslims to gather for prayer, the mosque serves dinner outside of the mosque every day at 5 PM. Moreover, after Isha salah, there is a reading of religious verses. You can download a monthly timetable here.  The masjid relies heavily on personal donations and needs about 100 monthly contributions to meet operating expenditures. You can donate through their donation page with a one-time donation. The mosque's website is pretty simple, so if you want more information about the masjid's events and lectures, you can contact them using the information below. 



Masjid Al-Ihsan, Chicago – Prayer Times



  • Fajr – 5:35 AM
  • Zuhur – 11:39 AM
  • Asr – 2:02 PM
  • Maghrib – 4:21 PM
  • Ishā – 5:43 PM
  • Friday Prayer - 1:00 PM



Masjid Al-Ihsan Details



  • Website: Masjid Al-Ihsan 
  • Imam: Imam Abdullah Madyun
  • Address / Location: 321 E Pershing Rd, Chicago, Illinois
  • Phone Number: +1 773-617-9363 
  • Google Maps: 



3. Masjid Al-Faatir


Masjid Al-Faatir was founded in 1983 by world heavyweight boxing champions Muhammad Ali and Jabir Muhammad. It is a Sunni masjid that attracts believers from all over the world. Masjid Al-Faatir has a great website that links prayer times in Chicago on the home page. If you want to learn more about the masjid's activities, you can contact them through their contact page. If you want to be added to their mailing list, you can provide your email address on this page. The masjid offers followers digital recordings weekly Friday Khutbahs on their Khutba page, which is under construction now. However, if you are interested in purchasing religious books published by the masjid, you can browse through their Amazon book page. 


The masjid provides an ablution area for both men and women. It also provides a separate area for women to pray and a separate restroom for women. In addition, the masjid also has wheelchair access and ample parking on the premises. It is important to note that although the prayer hall is wheelchair accessible, the ablution area and restroom are not wheelchair accessible. The center is overlooked by Imam Mamoon Hussein and several other prominent Muslim personalities serving as secretaries, treasurers, and important positions like memberships, outreach, and civic engagement. 



Masjid Al-Faatir, Chicago – Prayer Times



  • Fajr – 5:36 AM
  • Zuhur - 11:40 AM
  • Asr – 2:02 PM
  • Maghrib – 4:21 PM
  • 'Ishā – 5:43 PM
  • Friday Prayer - 1:00 PM



Masjid Al-Faatir Details





4. Islamic Community Center of Illinois


The Islamic Community Center of Illinois is located on Belmont Avenue in the northwest of Chicago and is a registered non-profit established in 2001. It is more than just a Masjid; it also has a community hall, youth center, and lecture halls. The Islamic Community Center of Illinois has an ablution area for both men and women. Still, there is a need for separate facilities for women for other activities like sermons, lectures, etc. There are restrooms, but a shower facility might not be available. Parking is readily available but not free; you have to pay.


The prayer hall is wheelchair accessible, but the restroom, ablution, and parking are not. If you need wheelchair access to the masjid, then it is a good idea to call them before you visit so that the necessary arrangements can be made. The mosque goes out of its way to ensure that everyone is welcomed across all cultures and ethnicities. 



Islamic Community Center of Illinois, Chicago – Prayer Times



  • Fajr – 5:36 AM
  • Zuhur - 11:40 AM
  • Asr – 2:02 PM
  • Maghrib – 4:21 PM
  • 'Ishā – 5:43 PM
  • Friday Prayer - 1:00 PM



Islamic Community Center of Illinois Details





5. Muslim Community Center 


The Muslim Community Center, or MCC, is located on Elston Ave. in Chicago. The masjid has proper ablution areas but may not have showering services. There is a restroom available for both men and women to use. Parking is not readily available, and at times you may not find parking near the masjid and will have to look for parking on the streets nearby. There is a separate place for women to pray, perform ablution, and use the restroom. The prayer hall is wheelchair accessible, but the restroom and ablution areas may not be. The Muslim Community Center is spread across two other sites besides Elston; one location is in Morton Grove, and the other is in Grosse Point Blank. 


These locations offer adult education, health programs, marriage ceremonies, and special services for females, like all-women lectures and meet-ups. Moreover, the Muslim Community Center tries very hard to ensure that all visitors are welcome, even if they do not belong to the Muslim faith. They believe in interfaith harmony and using religion to bridge gaps between different ethnicities and cultures. Visit the Muslim Community Center to offer Salat at accurate prayer times in Chicago. 



Muslim Community Center, Chicago – Prayer Times



  • Fajr – 5:36 AM
  • Zuhur - 11:40 AM
  • Asr – 2:02 PM
  • Maghrib – 4:21 PM
  • 'Ishā – 5:43 PM
  • Friday Prayer - 1:00 PM



Muslim Community Center Details








The Fajr prayer time in Chicago, Illinois is 04:48 today.
The Dhuhr prayer time in Chicago, Illinois is 12:50 today.
The Asr prayer time in Chicago, Illinois is 16:35 today.
The Maghrib prayer time in Chicago, Illinois is 19:32 today.
The Isha prayer time in Chicago, Illinois is 20:54 today.
The sunrise time in Chicago, Illinois is 06:09 today.
The sunset time in Chicago, Illinois is 19:32 today.
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If you are following daylight saving time, the time of your daily prayers will have to be adjusted accordingly. The Muslim and Quran - Prayer Times mobile application allows users to enable daylight savings time. To enable the feature, select prayer timings, go to settings, select daylight savings, choose the daylight savings time applicable in your region (+1 hour, +30 minutes, - 30 minutes, -1 hour, etc), and receive auto-adjusted prayer times notification on your phone.

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