Hizb (singular of Ahzab) is a way of organizing Quran to make recitation and memorization easy for the people. It breaks down the chapters into portions to make it easy to bookmark and remember where you left reading the Quran. Muslim and Quran makes it simple for to access the Quran based on Hizb so you can mark your Hizb and remember where to start again. You can also access Al-Quran through Surahs which starts from Surah Al-Fatiha and ends on Surah An-Naas.

We all know the Quran is divided into 30 parts called Juz. Each Juz is further divided into two Hizbs and each Hizb has four portions. So the whole Quran is divided into 240 Hizb quarters known as Rub el Hizb and 60 Hizbs/ Ahzab. Hizbs are usually useful during recitation and memorization of the Quran as they allow you to break down the Juz into manageable sections, helping you to memorize or recite small chunks and remember where you left off. 

Recitation of the Holy Quran not only gives us peace and rewards but it’s a way to build a strong connection with the Almighty. Through Quran Allah has sent down His message, telling us everything in the world and beyond. Through the Quran, Allah is communicating his guidance, commands, and teachings, helping us stay on His path. Reciting Quran heals the heart and the soul, it is the best guidance book for life, a book that also reminds us about the hereafter and how temporary the world is. Reciting the Quran is the best way to get rid of any anxiety, tension, or depression you may be facing.

Al-Quran is an important part of Muslim and Quran, and we have provided you with access to the entire Quran without any complication. You can access any Surah, Manzil, Juz, Sajda, Hizb, Ruku, or Ruba to read or memorize the verses. To access Al-Quran, simply click on the dropdown menu on our website or app and click on Al-Quran. Choose from the divisions and click to start reciting or memorizing the verses.

Most of the Surahs in Quran starting from Surah Al Baqarah are long enough to recite or memorize in one go. So in order to make these long Surahs manageable, easy to recite, and memorize, divisions like Hizb were introduced. By dividing the Quran into Hizb, it becomes easy for the imam to recite during prayers especially Taraweeh prayers, remembering the verses and marking the starting and ending points. Students of the Quran can also use Hizb to focus on a single topic before moving on to a different one.