A Ruku is more like a section in the Quran that talks about a specific topic. A Ruku might have a few verses that talk about a similar topic and is a way to split longer Surahs into small sections. Muslim and Quran makes it easy for you to read and follow the Quran according to its sections. Through Ruku, you can have small sections to read and understand the Quran in a better way and absorb its teachings. You can search anything in the Quran based on its division as Ruku, Ruba, Hizb, Sajda, Manzil, or Juz.

Let’s talk about Ruku and how you can navigate the Quran with sections.

You must know about the division of Quranic verses based on where the Surahs were revealed, i.e. Makkah or Madinah. There are Makki Surahs and there are Madani Surahs, but later, as time passed and to make the Quran easy to remember and understand, it was divided based on different sections we call Ruku by the scholars. The concept of Ruku is mainly popular among the people of South Asia, and it was done to make sections such that they can complete the Quran within 27 nights of Ramadan. Most of them prefer to recite 20 Rakah of Taraweeh so it makes 540 Ruku or sections of the Quran. While doing this partitioning, they ended up with 556 sections, and most of them followed it to complete their Quran during Taraweeh in 27 nights of Ramadan. So Ruku is a way in the Quran that leads to guide the reader about different sections of the Quran and helps them better remember and understand it.

Every Muslim around the World is united by the Quran. In every corner of the world, the Quran is recited at homes, Masjids, or in gatherings and it is promoted to recite it aloud beautifully. Simply reciting the Quran not only has rewards but numerous advantages that we might be unaware of. Just like our body, our soul needs food too, and recitation of the Quran is where our soul finds solace. The Quran's words increase our spirituality, calm our hearts, freshen our minds, eliminate anxiety and depression, and nurture our souls. When we recite the Quran, every word enlightens our hearts and increases our iman attracting us to the right path of Allah. When we read the Quran with its meaning, it is when we start to interpret its meaning and get on the right path by bringing those teachings practically into our daily lives.

Muslim and Quran brings you an easy way to navigate through the Quran. You can access the entire Quran by visiting our website or simply downloading our app and getting access to the entire Quran on your smartphone. You can read the Quran starting from Surah Fatiha, search for specific Surahs or their verses, or search or read through other means the Quran is organized like Ruku, Juz, Manzil, Ruba, Sajda, and Hizb. Explore the Quran with us dive deeper into understanding its meaning and implement its teachings to lead a life on the straight path.